How to Know When You Aced the Interview?

While this article does not deal directly with getting a great résumé, the interview we are discussing is almost certainly the result of a great one.

A few days back while reviewing the search terms that brought people to my website, I found the subject of today’s article. This immediately brings up two additional questions.

First, “what is acing an interview?” Acing an interview is a feeling you get at the conclusion of an interview. It is a gut response telling you: you made no mistakes, you know you presented your qualifications unerringly, and that those qualifications match almost perfectly the requirements of the job. You know that you were at ease during the interview. Self-confidence in your knowledge of the subject matter concerning your skills, knowledge and abilities as they related to the job requirements also was high. Both self-confidence and being at ease only happen when you are superbly prepared for the interview. That is subject matter for another article.  

Now the second question is, “Does this mean you will get the job offer?” If you leave an interview in the fashion described above, then you have a much greater chance of getting the offer, than if you left knowing you made mistakes. But, even if you made no mistakes during the interview, if your qualifications did not match at least 90% of the job requirements, you can still lose the offer. Of course, this does not necessarily mean you will lose the offer. The prospective employer may still feel you are the best qualified. If so, preparation was key to your success.

I think the most important thing to remember, even if you know you aced the interview, is that until you get an offer you are still a full time job seeker. Feeling great about an interview will not guarantee an offer because many companies promote from within even if other better-qualified candidates exist outside the organization. Their feeling is that the insider already has advantages over even a better-qualified outsider. Occasionally, even if you ace an interview, you may be competing against one of those candidates that has just enough of something extra, to get the first offer. That something extra may just have been a personalized follow-up or thank you letter, sent to all the parties involved in the interview. For more information on getting help with your own résumé, follow-up and thank you letters, click here

Regardless of the reason, you were not selected, don’t get discouraged, and don’t give up on the same preparation that enabled your feeling of acing the interview. When you have it all together and can leave an interview with the feeling of acing it, you will soon be the candidate getting the offer. In the interim if you didn’t get the offer, don’t stop your job search. Prepare, prepare, prepare, and you will succeed.

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